"General error... could not draw text"

I posted the below in “bugs”, but I’m not sure if I should have so I’m reposting here. Sorry for the duplicity.

I got several errors of the sort: “General error… could not draw text…”

This occurred on one of my pages where I have users input name and email, check a few boxes, and then mash a button. The background, header, and rest of the page loaded, but none of the text elements - like the input boxes, check boxes, or button loaded. I “fixed” this by copying one of my elements, deleting it, and repasting it. No clue why this worked. This issue came out of the blue too. I haven’t edited this page in several days and actually have a live version where I have paying subscribers to my app and there are no issues to my knowledge.

Any ideas what this is? Is it a bug? Should I be concerned?

thanks, guys.