General warning?

Hello, im using a personal plan on my app.
Today im getting this message on the debugger errors:

General Warning
Your application could have been 7 seconds faster since page load with more capacity. You can do this in the Settings Tab of the Editor.

I dont understand why this message is appearing now, im in test-mode im not working even with the real data, just doing some tests, but i dont understand why is showing this.

When i go to the setting tabs, i dont see anything.


We just added this to help you see if adding capacity would help speeding things up. While your app isn’t maxed out, more capacity could make a few requests, workflow runs, etc. a bit faster. This message is for information only. As your app scales and you start looking at performance, that can help you improve things.


Just a tip: Instead of using the red colour… maybe orange? :exploding_head:
Or other colour to differentiate it from real errors

@emmanuel how do we get that to show? Is it not showing because I’m on the legacy plan? I’d be interested in that information, too.

It’s only showing when we estimate you could have saved more than 5 seconds during the current session (regardless of your plan), and then we update the message very 5 seconds (with the debugger on, of course). So if you haven’t seen it, that means you haven’t seen that situation yet.

Got it. Thanks!


I’m loving this! Great way to show what capacity increase can lead to.

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