Generally how small should lists be?

I’ve read everywhere that long lists slow down performance. Struggling to figure out how “long” is considered “long.” 20 items? 100? 1000?

At around what point is a list long enough that load time becomes an issue? (Assuming the list is mostly text)

Context: I’m working on a chat feature and want to only load the last ‘x’ number of messages in a list to keep performance high. Not sure how many messages would be optimal to keep load time unnoticeable while loading as many messages as I can without affecting it.

As a rule of thumb, I create a new data type if the list or number of fields exceed 10.

To be clear, you can have as much data as Bubble allows in your DB , it’s when you have to retrieve data that affects performance because of how Bubble loads stuff.

Managing your data source’s search constraints to match and retrieve X number of items is a good way to keep performance costs down. If you messages data type doesn’t have an insane amount of fields or fields with large lists, then even X = 100 will be no problem (though in practice loading 100 messages on a page load is overkill).

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Thanks! Yes I should have made that clear that I’m specifically wondering about how many items would reduce performance when retrieving them. Thanks for your response