Generate a token for editing User details?


Is there a way to generate a token and send it to a user so he can edit his details (in the database) via the link - similarly to restarting a password?

I ask because:

  • I have an early access landing page where users leave their email
  • When their early access is approved, we send them an email and they need to go by email link to finish setting up their account

I thought this way is the best way to achieve this. Is there a better way or is it possible to achieve this with how I have described?

Any help would be appreciated as I’m very struggling to make this.

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yes there is a way…GET IN TOUCH

Could you please answer it here, I’m sure other bubble beginners will benefit from the answer as well. I’ve tried finding it all over the forum and didn’t succeed…

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Try out creating a data field in the user called id and then fill in the id by action calculate random stream…Tell me incase u get lost