Generate application for external users

Hello, I am creating application in Bubble. How can I generate executable and distribute to external users?

Do you mean how do you have others access your website? Do you have a login? Can you explain a little more what you mean so someone can give you a better answer? :slight_smile:

No, i mean generating an application or installer for distribution.

Bubble creates fully hosted web apps. There is nothing to install, and you aren’t provided the source code. Everything runs on the Bubble infrastructure.

Thanks Andrew for clarifying.
How will I share the completed project to external users?

You’ll point them to the web address. It’ll either be a domain name you purchase, like, or it’ll be the default Bubble-provided domain at

Hi Andrew, thanks for valuable comments.

  1. I have many MS SQL servers locating at several sites. Can Bubble pull data from these multiple databases?
  2. How many users can access at one time or are there any limits on how many users can be created?
  3. What will be associated costs per users?

I would suggest you start here: and here

Hi Steve, Thanks. I am still new and will digest info more.