Generate PDF invoice with a barcode from my Bubble app

I’d like to be able to generate PDF invoices from my Bubble App. The invoice should also have a barcode that contains the invoice number. At the click of a button, the invoice should open in new browser window to allow our clients to print the invoice. When they bring the invoice in to our office, we will simply scan the barcode containing the invoice number so as to pull up their order information. Is this possible on Bubble?

Yes this is all possible with minimum effort. First thing first Sidney, you would need to expose your current ‘in-house’ barcode facility into bubble. It’s then just a case of running through a series of events into a progressive workflow that taps into all actions needed.

Thank you for your response! Just need some clarification as I am not knowledgeable on this. Can the barcode creation process be done in Bubble, or must it be done from an external tool?

Either ither mate, all depends on what barcode company you use. Please feel free to share (if you would like to of course)?

I am still in the development phase and so I am not able to generate barcodes just yet. From your answer, I presume bubble has a built in feature to generate barcodes?

If only life was that simple Sidney!!!

I’m afraid you’re going to have to brush up on your data skills and get your hand dirty with APIs. The whole process is really not that hard once you understand the basics. A good place to dip your toes is with Bubble’s Interactive Learning:

Primarily the two sessions on APIs.

Haha thank you!

You’re welcome, best of luck and keep us posted.