Generate Random and fill with comma every 2 digits


Please, I need to generate a random 12-digit number and have a comma between every 2 digits generated.

Random = 102030405060

I need the Random to look like this: 10,20,30,40,50,60

How to do Bubble?


Hi there, @jaguarconsultoriadig… here are two ways to do it that produce the result you have described.

Admittedly, this first way might be a bit hacky, but I went this route first because I don’t know much about regex (which I assume is the “correct” way to go about it). So, I have an input, and I am using the Calculate formula >> Generate random string option to set its initial content…

You can use that option to generate a random string of 2 numbers and then string 6 of those together with commas (I am only showing 2 in the following screenshot, but you get the point)…

The second way I went about it was to actually try to use regex, and after a bit of searching, generating a random string of 12 numbers and then using this find and replace seems to work…

So, if it was me, I would probably just use the first way and be done with it, but since I was able to get the regex option to work, I figured I would drop it out here, too.

Hope this helps.


Thanks very much !!!

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