Generate unique webhook urls for each customer

Hey all,

I’m trying to work out if the following is achievable in Bubble.

I’m building a saas app that is integrated with Stripe. When the user signs up, they input and store their stripe API key in my bubble app for making calls out to Stripe.

I also want to catch incoming webhooks from Stripe too. Right now, I have a single api workflow setup to catch ALL users webhooks. I was then planning on using some identifier in the webhook payload to work out which user it’s for, however, that’s proving a challenge.

Is it possible to somehow generate unique API workflow urls (or an alternative method), so when they sign up, I can give them a unique url to stick in the Stripe webhook setup page?

Thanks for any help! Can add a loom of my intended workflow if more detail is needed.


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Yes, for sure.

You can use the “uniq_id” as a parameter in this URL to indentify the user :+1:. So every user will have a uniq URL and, in the end, it is the “same” URL, just pre filled with it’s user.


Pass an identifier in (I think but will check) Description and it gets passed back to you in the 'hook.

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description parameter doesn’t exist in event’s JSON

when the event occurs, how can I get and read that parameter on the URL ?

UPDATE okay, I see the solution here [New Feature] Ability to read parameters in the URL for API workflow endpoints