Generate URL's for a Cell


I have an event network app. I would like to generate for every created event one URL, so people can join the network through that link. The events are usually listed under one page, thus have no URL matched to them.

Can someone help me out here?

kind regards

Hi Johann,

You can probably solve this by setting up just the one page, and then using URL parameters to load dynamic content into that page. If you have a Data Type called Event for example, you can reference the parameter in the URL by using the Get data from page URL function.

Thanks for the response. But this Page will be the same for every user right?

The page will be the same, yes, in the sense that you only need to make one page, even if they’ll go to different URL’s. The page contains dynamic content and is using the parameter in the URL to determine what content to show.

Thanks. How do I generate the different URLs? Is it related to the dynamic content and thus will be generated automatically?

If you set the page type to be “event” then it’ll create a new URL for each event in your database. The URL for this takes the following form:

Here’s an example from my site:


Thanks for your response. So it definitely change the URL, but I have right now one URL for all events (=matches). There is a share button in my app with the Page URL of the Page where all the matches are located. Is this the reason why it does not create a new URL?

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