Geocoding api errors

A user said they couldn’t save their location. I confirmed that wasn’t working.
I found that there’s a 2nd slot for a Google Geocoding API key.
I went to Google Cloud and activated Geocoding and Google seemed to indicate I should use the same API key, so I came back and pasted the key into the Geocoding box and deployed development to live.
The live side now has an API key in both boxes.
I still can’t save a location.

I’m not really sure how to read Google’s dashboard metrics, but it looks like it’s saying there are errors and they’re 100% geocoding


Is the user getting an error from Google?

Some things to check :

Google API console > Credentials > Edit API key > Key restrictions > Application restrictions & API restrictions

API Library > Geocoding this might let you drill down on the errors to see what they are

Open and see if there’s anything weird.

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I think I’m in the right place:

Maybe I managed to fix something because the response codes are now 200 instead of 403. When I try to test the location setting in my app it seems to work correctly again.

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