Geographic address in large database

Hi experts,
I am currently facing a challenge with my real estate platform and am seeking advice or alternative solutions. My platform features a repeating group that displays a large volume of geographical data (over 20,000 entries) sourced from an external API connected to our servers. The primary function of this repeating group is to enable users to filter real estate properties within a specific geographical area.

The current implementation utilizes Google’s API as it’s native in bubble, and it is quite efficient for this purpose. It allows users to search for a region, department, or city in a single input field and set a radius around the chosen area for a more refined search. However, this solution is becoming cost-prohibitive due to the high API credit usage.

I am exploring the following key functionalities and seeking alternatives or strategies to reduce API credit consumption while maintaining these essential features:

A single input field where users can enter a region, department, or city.
A group focus element below the input field to confirm user input.
The ability to filter the repeating group based on the selected area and an optional radius around it.

Are there any alternative plugins than Google’s API that can offer similar functionality? Or, are there any clever methods to limit API credit usage while keeping these key features operational?

Any suggestions or insights from the community would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance!
PS: the search area is limited to France.