Geographic Dropdown selector with button behind

Interesting quirk I found…I have a geographic dropdown and when I start typing obviously a selection of nearby addresses comes up. I have a button right below the search field. If you click on one of the suggested addresses using your mouse it chooses and then gets rid of the menu so you can press the button you want.

However, if you press the suggested address on mobile and have a right below the field of suggested addresses, when you click on one of them with your finger, bubble thinks you are pressing the button that is behind it instead of the suggested address, and then it proceeds to go to the link on that button.

Screenshot is attached. In the example below if I hit Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Terminal Drive from the dropdown bubble will think I"m hitting the search button right away instead of loading that address into the field and then letting me to go to the search page.

Any help appreciated. Thanks!