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Geographic places address won't save in database

I can’t seem to find a way for user to be able to save or change address in database using Geographic places. does anyone else have this problem? wonder if I’m doing something wrong or its just a bug.

I have a search box where user types in their address . the dropdown works fine. user picks their address and clicks on it then it shows up on the input all fine BUT when user clicks “save” it doesn’t save in the database.

I generated new api key for “Google Geocode API key” and “Google Map API key”

on Google Cloud Platform I can see that “Map javascript API” and “Places API for Web” are both receiving requests and zero requests on everything else.

can anyone help? thanks

@khazaei Please check server logs for http referrer errors

I have no restriction on if that’s what you mean?

@khazaei We mean check your server logs after running the workflow to see if there is an error message for that workflow

No http referrer errors

@khazaei Ok, please submit a bug report.

seems like this is something to do with google API but I still haven’t been able to fix this problem.

did you ever figure out the issue? i’m having this same problem.

I’ve reported this bug to Bubble a few days ago. Apparently they’re still working on it. We’ll see though

Has this issue been resolved? I am still experiencing this issue

Anyone have any luck with this? This issue is driving me nuts.

Having the same issue today, anyone have a fix for this? I have a searchbox for Geographic place, when I select from the autofill list, there is not actual input (the box is technically empty even though the address shows in the box). Thus, nothing is getting saved to the database under my address category. Thanks!


Having the same issue here and wondering if anyone has found a solution.

I’ve noticed that the typed text in the Search Box > Geographic Places input box gets registered as having value if you add a space or two following the address and then clicking outside of the input box. Obviously, this is not a workaround - just pointing it out because maybe it can help us get to the bottom of the issue.

I’ve created a dummy page to demonstrate the issue:

Thanks to all!


Same issue and great dummy demo page by the way. I also noticed if you delete “USA” if using a united states address, the input will register as well. Weird.

I am having this issue. Has it been resolved yet? How to fix it?

having the same issue. just getting ramped up on and the ability to save addresses is crucial for my use-case.

seems to work now all of a sudden… will update if issue comes back. I did notice the same thing as @anthony6 that I could update the data on the backend but only if I clicked outside of the edit input box.

I’m having the same issue. I’m trying to update an API parameter based on the value in the search box (with geographic option) but it appears as empty. Did anyone figure this out? The weird space after and deleting USA works, but I can’t use that in the app.

A workaround that has been successful for me:

set a page state to the search field’s value and save that state value to the database. then save that page state value.

I’m grasping here, but I’m hypothesizing that the “full” payload of geographic data isn’t retrieved in the search field, just a pointer to that geo data–or perhaps it is the basic geo data but there is other extensible data that will be requested eventually on a save to the db.

In a workflow, When you go to “create/update a thing” using only the search field geo pointer/basic value, it seems bubble must query the google maps api again to get the full geo data and it does this server side and this is where it seems to fail.

I believe the issue might be that the api permissions where the bubble server making the request does not match whatever was setup in the google cloud api console. My understanding is we don’t have a reliable way to get a the IP address of the bubble server making the request so that it may be whitelisted in the google maps api console.

Setting the geo address state client side seems to move this ‘full’ api request to the client side and this seems not to have an issue.

Hoping Cunningham’s Law applies if I’m wrong about this.

Having the same issue - has anyone found a solution?