Geotargeted Links + dynamic parts in them

Hey guys,

I am running
It generates unique Gift Ideas with the help of AI.

Additionally I want to add a single Amazon link that sends the user to Amazon with a search prompt ready.

I am having a bit of trouble coming up with some functionality here.
To have the search filled out I need to drop the keyword in the middle of the URL like this:[KEYWORD]&someotherstuff

The Keyword is coming from a workflow.

I want to use Geo targeting to change now things in the URL as well. Probably first and last part of the URL (Still figuring it out).
My first question would be, how can I achieve this? Will a plugin serve me with new conditionals like “When user is from” > “Change destination URL”?

Additionally, I have the problem that I had to use the link and make it to a button, but I would have loved to use a group with text + image and a workflow to send them to the correct destination.
Unfortunately I cannot figure out a way to “build” the link and combine the strings. Part1 + Keyword + Rest
Any pointers how I can achieve that?

Thanks so much! Appreciate the help!

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