Get API Call not returning data for base64

Hi guys,

I’m a beginner tackling a build that is definitely out of my knowledge base but slowly chipping away at it. I’ve successfully manually handed Oauth 2 for my users to access their Docusign account. I’m able to successfully make calls so far to pull account data, but I’m stuck scratching my head here. I’m using a get call to view documents in a Docusign Room, using accountid and roomid. The call runs successfully and displays document name and other info but doesn’t show the response for the actual base64 content that I need to view the document. Any ideas? Attached some screenshots and the documentation from Docusign. Thanks in advance if anyone has any help.


Docusign link for getDocument call

Not answering your question, but just to let you know I think there is an official bubble plugin for docusign, so at least that’s an option if you can’t make it work this way :+1:

From your screenshots it looks like “documentId” parameter is required-

But you are only passing “accountId” and “roomId”

So maybe try adding the “documentId” param? : )

Wow I don’t know how I over looked that ugh! I’ll give it a go. Yes, I did see that docusign plug in but I’m specifically using docusign rooms for a few things and that is using signature.