Get API object from database column


I have a problem with the object that is saved to the database column. The object’s response from API Connector. It looks like that and I don’t have any idea how to “open” this object and check the data inside.


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Is your API call initialized correctly. Can you send a screenshot of window that pops up when you hit “reinitialize call” in the api connector page? Also, please click the “show raw data” button.

Also, please include a screen shot of the workflow of how you are saving the data to your db.

@paul29 Yep, API call initialized correctly and working well.

Just Send [SMS] is an API call. There is a second option, create a column per variable in data response

If you want to check the data inside, you have to save the responseCode, errorid, etc separately to fields in your database. Right now you are just sending the entire response to one field in your database.

Your create a new ExecutedSMS should have:
responseCode = JustSend [SMS] - SendSMS’s responseCode
errorId = JustSend [SMS] - SendSMS’s errorID

You will need these columns in your database in order to save them to it.

I was afraid of that :sweat_smile:

Interesting thing is that when I am using this ExecutedSMS table (list of SMSResult) in Repeating Group, I can use those fields and show the values in Text . The problem is when I want to visualize them somehow in the database table (Now f.e. I need to create a specific page for visualizing this in Repeating group)

Yes but when you show the values in text, you still have to select “'s responseCode” do you not?

You’re right, but the data is stored properly, working fine. So the problem is that there is no possibility to visualize the API connector object in database tab but the data is stored properly?

Is your repeating group data source the API or the database? I’m assuming the API?

In order to answer your question to see if it is stored properly in the db, I would set up the repeating group with the data source being that one column that you currently have in your db and see if you have access to “'s responseCode”, “'s error id”, etc for the text fields inside the RG. If you do, then you know it is stored properly in the db

Yes, I did it already, the data is working fine. The problem is that I want to visualize them in database tab instead of creating the page specially for viewing the data from the API Connector object. It makes a lot of work when you have f.e. 20 fields to show.

In order to visualize (if that’s youre only goal) you could set up a new table that is a list of things instead of your current setup which I assume is not a list of things and when you write to the db, you write the Just Send [SMS] and it might show up as you want it to. I’m guessing as to whether this will work or not