Get Bubble Data via Get request failing

I have an app named fitnesshousecalls in which there is a data type “Daily Stats” and the typical User set.

I have the “App exposes GET/Data API” checked as well as the “Daily Stats” and “User” types.

The request fails as follows:
// 20170625100651

“statusCode”: 404,
“body”: “{\n “status”: “NOT_FOUND”,\n “message”: “This application does not expose a GET/Data API”\n}”

I need to get bubble data, preferably as JSON, to process in D3.js to produce multi-line graphs and more.

This is critical for further development of this app. Help appreciated!

One obvious question is where the api key goes? IS this done like “…/api=“key”/1.1/obj/dailystats”
Or is teh request failing for some other reason?

You haven’t checked the box in live version.

try this

and it works