Get correct data from databes

Hi guys, I need a light with a question.

I’m developing an App for restaurants, each restaurant will have a separate Menu, and the URL will be unique for each one.

For example:

To create this unique URL, I used a workflow that will open an external link + restaurant name (which is fetched in the database)

Now the question:

When arriving at the Menu page, I used a repeater group to bring the items registered in this Menu, however, I am not able to search for this information, I have already tried to use if I search in the Type of content for “Restaurant products”, the Data source is red and I can’t solve it.

If the Type of content is “Restaurants” I cannot bring the items registered inside the restaurant.

Unfortunately I’m at work and can’t download images here.

Can anyone help?

Hey @ricardogt,

Have you thought about using Slugs and the “Go to page…” action? You’d then be able to pull data from the type of data the slug is assigned to. For example, if the page is type restaurant that would mean that the Slug is also associated with a restaurant. Then from there, you could pull a list of menu items.

Does that make sense?

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Yes I also think it would be easy. But I’m not getting a way to make the page bring information about the restaurant’s products.
The products are in one database, the restaurants in another, but they are interconnected. At the base of the restaurant there is an entry which is a list of products.
The restaurant menu page does not actually exist within Bubble. It is created after registering a new restaurant, where we have a field to register the name of this restaurant. This allows me to have a clean URL, it was the only way I found to do this.
After completing the registration, the user is directed to this URL page:
But to display the food items of this restaurant is being difficult, I already tried to make the page be Restaurant Content Type, Menu, but it never gives me the opportunity to bring the food content of the restaurant.