Get data from Bubble using backend API - sequence

I’ve been working away at a bubble app and I still struggle a bit with the data structure and how to access stuff.
I need to get data out of bubble to another application.

I have this rough structure:

Screenshot 2024-01-21 at 18.13.30

Then I want to pass the linkeddomain to Bubble as a parameter.

I then need to get:

  • search for company with linkedomain = url.linkeddomain parameter
  • then for each collection it holds
  • look for messages that have status = LIVE (status is held in collection configuration table)

Structure came from a bubble template (kanban style application), so maybe not ideal.

I have this (get url param, search for companies, …, get the message uniqueID:

Screenshot 2024-01-21 at 18.25.44

and get this back:
Screenshot 2024-01-21 at 18.25.48

But when I want to refine the query it get stuck (red syntax, so obviously not correct).

How can I easily get all the message fields (can’t really do a search for each item I want? And the response should be wioth each message as a separate key in the json)

How can I filter to only get those that have status linked to collection config with status LIVE?


I found the issue. I had fairly strict privacy rules. Some of the searches I tried didn’t get responses due to that. Had to set the ‘ignore privacy rules’ and it all worked !

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