'get data from URL' and performance?

On one of my pages, I am using ‘get data from url’ quite a bit (maybe ~30 times). I’m fetching parameters that might be both text or data objects.
How is it performance-wise?
Do you think I should set a state somewhere with the same info instead?
Is there a chance it would be faster?
Thank you

well it does not matter if you use the url or custom state …it depends very much on the data your are calling back and how big they are :v:

You can simplify your work if you want to refer to the same parameter.

  1. Create a popup.
  2. Place a group inside the popup and put the type of content and data source based on the URL parameter. Give this group a name — say variable product. If you’re passing a ‘Product’ value in the parameter, the type of content can be ‘Product’, and the data source is a search for the relevant ‘Product’.

Now you can refer to this variable product group wherever you need to access the parameter. And if you want to update the variable in the future, you don’t need to update all the references, only this group.

In terms of performance, it doesn’t make a difference.

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OK thanks for your replies :+1: