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Get data from URL not option in Make Changes to Thing Workflow

When using the make changes to thing workflow action and providing the thing to change the input dynamic expression options do not allow for the Get Data from URL operation

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 4.20.39 PM

This is a Bug correct? I felt like it was available in the past and believe it should be available since it is common practice to pass data values through URL parameters.

I am able to copy the expression from the page into the input in the workflow and it works, however, not able to see the option as noted above.

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You have to search for the thing I believe. I wish you could just say ‘the URLs data’. That would be nice! I have wondered why we couldn’t do that as well. Would save on having to do a search. Maybe submit it as an idea? I would vote for it! :blush: Nice workaround that you found though. I will keep it in mind.

You can when the parameter value is the things unique id, but not when it is the slug which doesn’t make sense because the way it works with unique id is the same as what Bubble does when you set the page content type. Plus the slug is a unique identifier for a specified data type so it should also work but doesn’t which is a shame.

I added that as a idea board request.

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Yeah. Let me know what the idea was titled so I can find it on the idea board.

I don’t remember honestly :laughing:. If it is sortable by date it was within the last 12 hours.

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The IdeaBoard is pretty bad. It doesn’t let you sort, search or filter. There are a lot of ideas on the IdeaBoard just to improve on the IdeaBoard itself. :joy:

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