Get data from URL not working for item #4


I have the following website URL structure. As you can see, this is visible when item #2 is new-task

Each activity page is visible when item #3 from get data from URL is their page slug.

but I don’t know why, but the same logic is not working for item #4.

Any help on this? I’m getting crazy, it’s the same logic. It works for item #3 but not for item #4.

Hey @santiagopoli3

I don’t have visibility on your DB structure but one thing I’m seeing is that “slug” is written in lowercase in your condition, while the “Slug” field is written with a capital “S” in your Option Set. Therefore it should also be written “Slug” in your condition.

There might be something to double check there. Do you have a second Option Set, with a field “slug” instead of “Slug”? Any maybe you selected the wrong one in the condition?

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Was even silly. The issue was that the parent element was visible if get data from url count was 3, and in this case it was 4. So, as parent element wasn’t visible, the app neither.

Thank you so much for your time :slight_smile:

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