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Get data stream from Websocket

Hi all,

How can I get real time web socket stream data and write the same to bubble data(things).
Essentially, I have a subscribe callback from a websocket which gives me realtime data. Now, I plan to display this data in bubble UI.
Any directions/ help on how this can be achieved in bubble.


Detailing out the query. We have a service provider sending in live market data on a websocket connection. Now, we wanted to parse the data and store it in bubble db. Obviously, it isn’t supported natively by bubble and were wondering the best way forward. So far these are the 2 options we could think of:

  1. Use an AWS Lambda to connect to websocket server. Store it in AWS. Then build API endpoints to bubble
  2. Have Webhookrelay catch the data, send it to zapier and then we send it to bubble

Both options are complex as well as time taking. Any suggestions on how do we progress on this?

@mishav @gregjohnkeegan

So what you’ll need is an always-on connection from a websocket client, that then sends calls Bubble’s REST API (backend workflow endpoint) or Data API (insert data into a table).

I think AWS Lambda won’t be suitable, as its not going to give a long-term connection. But AWS have other products that may be suitable, for example spinning up a web server.

Webhookrelay offer a websocket server … they don’t mention a websocket client, but its possible they do offer this too, it’d be worth asking them.

Another alternative is commission an API developer to write a service to do the above, in an easily hosted language such as PHP or Node (or really anything goes if you end up using a VPS).

Hi, Im interested in this topic. Very interesting for me as well

Pls, keep us updated with this if you can.