Get element update function's properties in other action function

Like for the update function, for every action function there’s a properties object available which contains the field data of that action’s fields.
However, I need the same data as set in the update function’s fields in my action function and I don’t want to set all the fields again for this action.
How can I get the properties object (fields) of the element’s update function in another action?

Thanks for any help in advance! :slight_smile:

You can use (as long as your action can’t run before the element is “visible” or live on the screen) = properties.inputFieldName

Then you can pass data between all actions of the same element.

There’s another trick to pass data between elements. :wink: I had to do this with my calendar plugin to avoid a circular data issue I was experiencing. Also, it’s just kinda neat.

Element A
window[‘var_name’] = data

var data = window.var_name

Going event further,

You can do stuff like

Element A
window[‘var_name’] = instance

Element b

window[‘var_name’].publishState(‘elementA_exposedStateName’, data)


Thank you very much @jared.gibb, this was exactly what I was looking for! :smiley::+1: