Get element's position

I want a Group get visible only when the user scrolls down further than the bottom of a Repeating Group. Isn’t it possible to access elements’s top and bottom position ? I don’t see how I can refer to a dynamic position of my page.

So I could write for instance
When Current Page Scrolling Position > Repeating Group’s bottom position, Visible = true

It would be useful for someone trying to have an email lead capture box appearing at the bottom of the page. Or like for me, having a shopping basket’s summury appears at the top when the user scrolls down to much. Or for a UP arrows in a floating group fixed at the bottom so the user can scroll up.

If you’re not using the full list mode for the repeating group, the top and height are static, so you could hard code them. If the element is getting strechted we don’t support that yet, but we’ll think about what we can do there.

Ok. Thks for the answer.
In my case I’ve got very few static pages. >90% of my pages are built with RG in full list mode or with groups that can be collapsed.

is this feature available?

no, it isn’t

Is the available yet, its been 5 years lol?


Any update on this…? I’ve realized that over time, even static objects can get moved around, so hard coding is unsustainable IMO… capturing the Y coordinates of divs/objects would allow conditionals to be future proof

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