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Get email address from url and display in input field


I am trying to set up a sign up process from my Wordpress website.

I am capturing a persons email address via a form on the website.

When the user submits the form they are redirected to my bubble sign up page.

The user email is captured in the URL as follows:

How can I display the email in an input field so user only has to add a password to complete the sign up?

I have been trying “Get… from URL” in the input field but nothing is appearing in the input.

I have been using the same approach to get names, just text, and this is working fine but cannot transpose the email from the URL… I have tried using find & replace to remove %40 and add @.

Is there a workflow action I should be using?



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Hi there @stuart.leo,

You’re doing everything correct! Except one thing! Remove the “?” when you’re using the Get parameter operator

Awesome, thanks Jonny!

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