Get external link by searching? Can it be done?


I currently am running an app I built for my filmmaking business. I use the app in conjunction with Vimeo. I upload the videos to Vimeo and I have them organised and tracked through the bubble app.

The 2 valuable links that Vimeo produces for each video is the standard video link and the download link. Is there some way that I can input the standard video link and from that link tell bubble to do some kind of search for the download link?

At the moment I need to copy and past both links but want to make the usability simpler.

Is there any plugin or tool that can do this?

With thanks!

I don’t know the details of Vimeo but I’ve done some things with Youtube.
If there’s a standard download link (e.g.[video-id]) you only need to store the id of the video and you can either have the rest of the links fixed/static in your app or in some other place in your database and join them up as needed in your app.

This is what I’ve done when experimenting with Youtube and it worked well.

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