Get facebook recommendation on app/ use facebook api keys?

Hey Bubblers !

Do you think there’s a way to get a facebook page’s reccomendation (rating) on my app ? If yes, how could I do that ?

Also, my api keys don’t work when I try to connect to facebook, it says that the url is not authorized. Of course, I’ve added to the url in my facebook dev’s app dashboard but it’s not enough apparently. Did I missed something ?

here’s the message I get when trying to connect with facebook :

“Impossible de charger cette URL: Le domaine de cette URL n’est pas inscrit dans ceux de l’application. Pour pouvoir importer cette URL, ajoutez tous les domaines et sous-domaines de votre application au champ Domaines des paramètres de l’application.”

here’s the translation :

" Unable to load this URL: The domain of this URL is not registered in the application’s domain names. To be able to import this URL, add all domains and subdomains of your application to the Domains field in the application settings. "

Thanks :smiley: