Get image from wasabi s3

Hi, I’m new to Bubble and I want to use Wasabi S3 to store and load images. In my application, I want users to be able to upload images, store them in Wasabi S3, and display the images that were uploaded by that user on a page. How can I achieve this?

You need:

  1. Wasabi plugin: Wasabi Storage Dropzone & Utilities Plugin | Bubble
  2. Add a new list field in User table of type file. Or create a separate files table linking each file with the owner
  3. After uploading, store the permanent URL (using the output of Set Public File Access) of the file into the fields you defined previously.
  4. Create a repeating group with images for each URL for display.

Thanks for the answer but I need multiple images and I can’t store multiple URL in one field, and how can I store all URL in the same time in bubble data ?

Yes you may.

Yes, my mistake. You’re correct. Thank you very much.