Get List of Numbers by Counting RG Text Values?

I have an RG for a schedule (roster/rota/timetable). I want to illustrate how many people are working on a each day of the week being viewed using a graph.

None of the fields are numbers, so I can’t pull them directly, instead I need a count of each record that matches a specific criteria.

Is this possible that I can dynamically construct a list of numbers that will satisfy a chart input?

The data does not need to be stored, so I’m wondering if I could employ some state wizardry but that seems complicated.

Maybe a search with a group/aggregation, but I’m not sure how to output that as a list of numbers.

Is there a better way?

Assuming you have a datatype of user_workday (connecting a User to a workday), then you can do a search for user_workdays, grouped by Day, with an aggregation of Count.

Then just set the chart data (assuming you’re using Bubble’s own chart plugin) to the Count.

I was entering the aggregation data in the value expression, not the source. Thank you.

This solution works for the Bubble chart, but not AirChart. More reseach required.