Get more details from my registered users

Hi Bubblers!

I’m creating a website that lets people sign up (usual email/password flow) and after that I want to direct them to a “more information” page that asks for more details like country, phone etc…

These extra fields are mandatory in order to use the app. so in case a user signed up and didn’t fill in the “more information” page, that user will always get to that page after signing in in the future. And any page that requires signup will redirect to that page if it’s not completed.

I know how to achieve the above functionality with a page level workflow, that I will duplicate to all relevant pages on the app. My question is: Is there a global setting or better practice I can use for something like that to avoid so many duplicate rules?


Hi there, @fish… if I understand your post correctly, a user is directed to the “more information” page after signing up, and they must complete that page in order to use the app. Oh, and it sounds like you are directing the user to that page upon log in if the page has not been completed. If all of that is true, then you could consider disabling the navigation from that page to anywhere else in the app if the page has not been completed. If the user cannot navigate to any other pages, then you wouldn’t need workflows on each page to redirect them because they can’t get to those pages in the first place.

Anyway, just food for thought, and I hope it helps.


Hi @mikeloc ,

Yes you understand what I’m looking to achieve.

My main concern is what happens if a user get a deep link to a page he/she is not supposed to see before completing the “more details” step.

Anyway I can restrict viewing other pages and redirect to that page with a global rule and not page level workflows for all pages?

Thanks again!

If there is a global way to redirect users, I don’t know what it is. I think no matter what we would come up with, you are going to end up with some sort of check on each page to see whether or not a user is allowed to be on that page. Maybe someone else will jump in here and educate us both, but again, if there is a way, I don’t know what it is.

Thanks again @mikeloc !

I have another question about this issue:

I created a page workflow to redirect these users to the “more information” page. And this workflow is: “When user is logged in” and I check if that user has the required info in the DB, and if not I navigate to the “more info” page.

It works well, however, on the browser I can see the restricted page for a split second before the “more info” page loads for that user.

How can I avoid showing that page at all before redirecting the user?


Ah, yes… that question. I have seen that one get asked a good number of times, and it usually comes down to hiding the content behind a shape or with groups so it doesn’t show up for that split second. Probably seems kind of hacky, but if it works, it works, eh?

Hey @mikeloc thanks!

What if I want not to load that content in the browser at all - basically to prevent a user from getting to that page unless some condition is met?

Something like a server checked and then a redirect before loading the page - possible?


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