Get my Facebook Posts AP- how?I

Having problems populating a Repeating Group from API Get my Facebook Posts.
Login works fine.

Perhaps you should change the RG type’or name’ to something else. The error shows that the RG type and data source are the same thing

Both are from the drop down. The data source has to be of the type and the only source for both is the drop down. What other type could I use? What other data source could I use?

I think your data type should be inform of “text, images, etc or type of thing you’ve created from the database which you want to populate your RG with. Then data source should be " do a search for” the data type with the fields as constraint if there is any. Or get data from external source, which is Facebook, then select your posts as the data
If this doesn’t work for you let me know so I refer you to someone who is quite very helpful

I thiink a FB post can’t really be defined as a thing in Bubble. The FB Graph API will return a FB JSON file of posts but to map that onto Bubble things would need a specially written plug in.

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