Get OneSignal Status for Current User (Bubble Plugin)

How can I get the current OneSignal (web) subscription status for the Current User using the official Bubble OneSignal plugin or an alternative approach?

I have some workflows to send notifications, but I don’t want to trigger them unless the Current User is actually subscribed. I know they won’t go through, but I also want to be efficient with my backend workflow usage.

You should be able to use conditional statements on your workflows, if you have data in your database to determine whether or not a user is or is not subscribed for notifications. :slight_smile:

Hi Eve - the question is actually how to get that status (is the CurrentUser subscribed to OneSignal or not). The official Bubble docs for the OneSignal plugin didn’t make it clear where that status is exposed and there is no callback / return from the workflow action that prompts the user to subscribe to OneSignal notifications.

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