Get path from page URL issue


I have a URL like this :

Is there a way Bubble can read “veste” as a sub2category, “vetement” as a subcategory and “ski-snow” as the destination page ?

It’s working perfectly when it’s only (ski-snow = page, vetement = subcategory) but I don’t know how to do with a deeper path.

Could “external URL” be a solution ? Can I choose the part of the path /ski-snow/vetement/veste which is read ?

Many thanks,

Hey @thomas.gounot,

You might want to consider looking into the URL router plugin from @ZeroqodeSupport.

My Sudsy Page plugin can do this (and much more). And as @johnny mentioned, there’s also a free (albeit far less capable) knock-off.


Hi @johnny and @sudsy

Thank you for your answers ! I’ll take a look to your plugin

Have a great day,

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