Get rid of duplicate buttons on Calendar

Anyone know how to get rid of these duplicate buttons on the top of the calendar from bubble?

The Today and Left and Right buttons at the top.

Hey @J805,

Odd that those are added twice (except for Day - month - week view.)

You could hide with css – put this in an html element on the page:

.fc-header-right {

Or, use .fc-header-left if you want to hide the left set.

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Thanks, that worked! :slight_smile: I thought I was going to have to send another bug report. Thanks, easy enough. :slight_smile:

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This was super helpful! Is there any way to remove the date from the title as well?

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You can change what you want the title to look like here:

If you want it empty, just put a space in the input.

There are three different ones, one for each formatting. Day, Week, and Month. If you want them all empty, you can clear them all out and replace them with a space.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Does this solution still work? I’ve noticed with a recent update to the plugin, the CSS code no longer hides the additional features.

I haven’t tested it for a while, I will try to test it when I get a moment, it might be something you can email Bubble support about and see if they can let fix. If it used to work, now it doesn’t, maybe there is another way to do it. I would check with Bubble for now. :blush:

Seems like something has changed, yes. This will hide the whole toolbar at the top. I can’t figure out what the left side is called to just hide that part though. I am not sure what the must have renamed it as. @eve, do you know what the left side is called? Did this get updated recently? Thanks!

.fc-toolbar {