Get rid of empty space

I’m having issues with the appearance of a page.
I have some text fields that are being fed by Bubble databases. I would like if the field is empty that the fields below would just move up and take up the blank space.
Here is how it looks when all fields (4) are filled out.

I would like if only 3 fields are filled out (in this example Columns 1, 2, 4) that it would look like this:

…but instead, it looks like this:

Thank you in advance

Put each text box into it’s own group. Then you can set the the group to collapse when hidden

I believe ramizi’s suggestion will work only if there is a condition as well? Like “when this text is empty” - is visible (unchecked)

Is there a reason why you’re not using a repeating group here? Repeating groups will automatically hide the cells that are empty.

Because only one set of data will be shown at a time, there will be a condition so that only data sets where the date is today (and this is controlled by me, so there will not be multiple data sets with the same date) not multiple. I also want the information from the database to look more like “bullet points”:
-Column One
-Column Two
-Column Three
than running horizontally:
Column One Column Two Column Three

It does not give an option “when this text is empty”

Hey, welcome!
would you mind sharing a screen shot? that might help

I figured it out.

I was setting the Type of content to the Database value

Thank you

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