Get setup & integrated with custom LLMs in seconds

What’s going on everyone, just wanted to showcase a solution my team and I have built regarding building & integrating custom LLM integrations to empower your no-code applications such as with bubble.

We’ve created a simple plug n’ play solution to be able to your own custom documents and query them directly within bubble natively with workflows.

Simply sign up with an account, upload your docs, and provide instructions on how you want the AI to perform (such as a set of instructions like “you’re a customer service agent at company ABC”)

From here you can just create and paste your API key into our no code workflow in bubble and that’s it (see gif below).

effortless setup

Aside from simplicity, we built this with one thing in mind, to be abstract as possible meaning it can provide a lot more than just chatting with as far as it’s implementation goes. As a workflow this can directly be integrated within your other bubble workflows, making it communicate with other data and existing workflows within your application.

For example you could summarize data coming in from other API’s that your app communicates with.

All of this is powered by a framework called Langchain, essentially allows you to really bypass many of the limitations that current LLMs such as GPT-3 & 4.

If you’re interested in checking out a demo of our product, I’ve uploaded an in-depth video on my youtube channel showcasing this, and I have a signup link for early access (beta) that’s releasing this week!

You can check it out here:

I know their are some other Open source apps out there that provide very similar functionality however the issue with these was they just aren’t consumer/production ready just yet. Such as with authentication, security, abstractness, etc. Along with this their is a lot of set-up / configuration to get something like this working. Our solution is simplistic and ready, and we’ll be continually adding on features based off the feedback we receive.

Let me know of any feedback/ features in the thread here or leave them on youtube video if you wish.

That’s all I got, stay hungry & keep no-coding my friends!

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