'Get Stripe Seller ID' not working

I have a trigger for a seller to create an account which therefore is connected to our platform account.

A simple text element is suppose to get that Seller Account IDs from Stripe and display.

but for some reason is not displaying anything. The inspection tool shows that there is a valid account customer ID to display.

This shows that the ID is blank. there are no other conditions on the element and it has been setup to display on page load (so not invisible), any ideas?

@georgeciobanu @emmanuel

Was hoping in getting a confirmation if this is a bug or not?


Are you sure the user is a registered seller? Can you check this in the stripe console?


yes it is… as you can see on the second screenshot I posted the registered seller’s account ID is ‘acct_18D0IRGNjJrFgVXH’

I’ve re-pasted again with a screenshot of my Stripe dashboard connected account showing the same account ID.


You’re trying to find a customer with a seller ID, which doesn’t make sense from stripe’s point of view.

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