Get URL Parameter Value + Detect Request Data

I need to use the “query string” option to extract a parameter from a url being used to call one of my API workflows, but I also need to use the Detect Request Data approach because the call being made to my workflow has nested JSON.

Is there any way to extract a query string while also use the Detect Request Data approach?

If not, is there a way for me to extract nested JSON values while using manual parameter creation?

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I’m also having this issue. I can get the param when I set up the call manually but then not the rest of the formatted json body.

Ideally, Bubble would be detecting my url parameter when detecting the request data, seems like a bug?

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Exactly. I can’t imagine this being intentional. The query string should be detected along with the rest of the request data.

I’ve already submitted this as a bug I’d encourage you to do the same. More users they’re hearing it from the more likely it is to get fixed.

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Any updates on this? I have the same issue

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No that I’m aware of.

Hey @aj11 !

Were you able to find any alternatives for this issue?