Get URLs from other open tabs in user's browser

Ok this one might be a little out there or it may be straight forward and I just can’t figure it out, but let me have a go at explaining what I’d want to achieve.

Is it possible to build into an app, access to the URLs from a user’s browser, particularly in mobile view? What I’ve been working on requires a user to copy and paste URLs into a field to associate them with a record. Which can be a slow process because you have to click to the website, copy the URL, then navigate to my website, open the field and paste the URL. But if it were possible to somehow list all of the URLs that a user has open in other tabs on their browser right next to the field, then by simply selecting the one you want with one click it would automatically paste the URL in the field, that would really speed up this process.

That was just the idea I had to solve this problem but I’m open to other suggestions. If it is possible to do what I suggest, could someone guide me towards what I would need to do or research to figure out how to accomplish it?

Thank you.

Browsers do not allow this (security/privacy issues) and there is no browser API that allows one tab to see the contents/history of another tab.

Now, if YOU are the one causing navigation to URLs in new tabs (which it sounds like you are not) you could of course keep track of what links the user has opened (though you cannot know if those pages truly loaded or if the external tab has been closed).

Gotcha. Yeah I was hoping there might be something similar to when you’re posting to social media and it displays a preview of your recent photos like a menu so you can just select them to post them. From my phone when I click to select a different tab in the browser, it displays all of my open tabs in a menu so I can navigate between them. So I thought if there was a way to even trigger it so that those were to open up for selection then that might work.

But when you say: “if YOU are the one causing navigation to URLs in new tabs”, can you clarify what you mean? Because the person who would copy and paste the URL in the field is the user himself from his own phone. I’m not otherwise looking for a way to access their browser. If that makes sense.

That’s the point: the way you’re doing it now is pretty much all you can do. The user can copy a url and paste it to you, but your app window cannot know the contents of other windows.

What I mean by “if you are causing navigation, you know what you did” if just that. (Obvs you composed a URL and opened it and you know this. But the success of failure of that open, nor the subsequent actions is not reported back to you.)

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Ok. Thank you for the insight.