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Get Userdata with emailadress from an API

Hey there!
Because of performance reasons I had to outsource my “ContentPost” Table to Xano. The other things like User and other tables stay on the Bubble Database for now.
I connected my bubbleapp to the Xano Database with the API-Connector and everything is working fine so far. Now the problem I have is the following:

When the user creates a ContentPost, I will create a new row in Xano with all data that a post includes + the emailadress of the user who created the ContentPost.
In the Displayarea where all Posts are shown in a repeating group I have no problem of getting the Data of each post with a GET of the Xanodatabase, but my displayarea also should show the username of the user who created the Post. Is there any way I can get the username into that repeating group from my bubbledatabase just by having the emailadress from the Xanodatabase?

I hope you understand what I mean. I would be very grateful for any help!
Thanks for your replies in advance!