Get values from text field

Hi guys!

I am doing a small accounting app for my company and I am stuck in 2 points, I hope you could help me with that.

  1. I have a list of things (transactions) in database with following parameters: date, amount, project, description. There is also a list of projects. I display all projects from DB using repeating group and inside of each element of RP I want to display:
    a. name of project (easy :slight_smile: )
    b. sum of income transactions (do a search for transactions where project = current project and amount > 0 - done)
    c. sum of expenses (same as previous but amount <0)
    d. and then I want to show the Δ (income-expenses) and
    e. profitability (income transactions-expences / income transactions).
    As I have already made a search for income and expenses in b and c, I could use these values to calculate d and e, so that I dont have to make the same search through database 3 times more in each element of RP, otherwise the app becomes reeeealy slow. If I display b and c in text fields in repeating group, how can I get the values from these text fields to calculate the delta and profitability and then display this calculations?

  2. I am looking for a nice chart plugin to make a cash flow predictions basing on transactions. I would like it to look as on the screenshot below - so that it can change colour basing on the value (above or below zero) and can have the date on x -axis. If you know which plugin I could use (I have tried Line/Bar Chart plugin from and amChart, however did not find the possibility to change color when line goes below 0…), I would be glad for your recommendations. Thanks in advance guys and I will be really thankful for any advice that could help be to overcome these issues.

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