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Get your Bubble App to Google Android / Apple iOS / Microsoft Windows App-Stores, and Mac OS X Apps

Hey there, we transformed our PWA as packages to the App Stores of all 3 major IT-App-Stores. Works great, for Google you do not even need to use Android Studio.

For older Apple Macs we produced a dedicated installable Mac-App in Xcode with the package for iOS. Furthermore, for newer Apple Macs with M1 - Processor, your iOS Store-App will be automatically installable to M1-Macs.

  1. Transform your responsive app to a full scale PWA
  2. Go and Package you PWA to the respective store (Android, iOS, Windows)
  3. Check the documentation for each store for steps
  4. Prepare the store with texts, settings and preview images (best editor for imaged for me is Previewed here)
  5. Apply for store - listing. And pray :wink:

See our Download - Center here.

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