Getting a list from a nested repeating group

Hi, I have a nested repeating group that looks like this:

RG Plans
RG Services (that go with each plan)
Name of service

The nested RG works fine. However…

All I want to do is add the list of RG Services to the database. But I only have access to the RG Plans list. How do I grab the RG Services list and add list to DB? Thanks.

Grab from where? a input in RG?

I want to take the RG list and add it to the db.

take it from where? how is it being created or displayed in the RG?

I want to write that list (202 and 203) to a field “list of services”

Oh oh. set list of services to be RG plan_services. or back-end API WF - send the record containing the list of services and the list of plan_services in the nested RG.

Oddly, I don’t have access to the services RG to do that. All I see when I try to add list is the Plan RG. I would expect to see the RG for the plans AND RG for the services.

Screenshot 2023-11-07 at 10.25.07 AM

am i missing something?


I’m assuming that the action you showed is for the add list button. If so, where is the add list button located on the page, in which group, 1 or 2?

Basically, the nested plan_services RG has to be grouped with the button to ID that specific sub group. Otherwise the display or layout or DB schema needs to be updated

You may simply select find the appropriate plan_services in that action using the RG Plans that you see in dropdown and the filters applied on front-end here:

Warning: this may cause WU spikes.

Can we do a zoom? It’d be easier to discuss and share screen.

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