Getting data from existing post to edit form

I’m using a form to create new posts and I would like to edit existing posts with that form as well. My posts are displayed in a RG, placed in a reusable element, the edit button is there. I’m thinking of using a custom state set to edit and then display initial content. My post contains text, images and a file list. Preferably without messing with the URL.

How do I get that specific post data into my edit form?

You would use the display data in a group function. (Using your button in the repeating group as a starting point, start a workflow “When Button X is clicked” > Element Actions > Display Data. (Specifically, you’d display data in the Edit group).

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@dan1 Thanks so much for the answer and the video you sent me, that’s just what I need. :slightly_smiling_face:

However It does not work for me, my edit group does not show up when choosing an element to send data to. Only elements in the reusable element show up.


Make sure that you’ve set appropriate data types for the thing that you’re trying to send data to. (Ie. if you have a repeating group of posts and you want to display a single post in the popup, you need to set the data type of the popup to “post”).

Then, if you have a container within the popup, that container’s data source should be the popup’s data source.

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@dan1 Done that. Again, only elements that are in the reusable element are showing up.


If you PM a link to your app, I’d be happy to take a look.

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I’m not sure what more info you need. Is this not normal behavior? Are you supposed to see elements that are outside the current reusable element? All my reusable elements are like this.

Generally, it’s easier to hop into an app and pinpoint an issue versus parsing things together from screenshots - especially after a few messages back and forth.

It may be a Bubble bug, or it may be a setup issue. But, from the level of context provided, it’s hard to get an actual understanding of your setup.

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Okay I can DM you my editor. Before I do, can you confirm that it’s possible to send data to outside a reusable element, from a RE, on your end?

With a reusable element, you can either set a data type on the reusable element itself for a single data point, or your can set up a state (as a single record or list of items) to temporarily store multiple data points.

Those data points can, in turn, be referenced by the page they are hosted on. Or they can be referenced by another repeating group as the initial data source. (But, keep in mind, a group inside of another repeating group would not be able to readily reference those other data points).

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