Getting data from webhook for signup process


I’ve setup a webhook with a WP plugin (Tripetto) in order to send the form’s data to bubble. Initialization worked fine (screenshot).
This data is part of the first step of an onboarding sequence, which will be concluded after forwarding the user to the bubble app and where he will be asked for his email etc.

How do i use this data, since I don’t have the user’s email yet.

If this shouldn’t be viable, I will ask the users email in that form.
How would I proceed in that case?


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I would create a separate datatype to temporarily store this data. Let the user go to bubble to sign up but pass a unique identifier in the URL, once they have given their email and created a password or SSO then you fill the temp data into their profile and delete that object.

There are other ways to do it, but thats a nice way without the email if that is essential.

Otherwise just get their email in the initial form, and use the create an account for someone else workflow.