Getting data to stay in repeating group on filter

So I have a table i’ve created with 5 data categories in it. On clicking the filter button by one of the categories, data is filtered by said metric. My problems are twofold. One, I can’t get the data to stay in ordered manner in the right cell when I click. Basically I click and the data shows up in all rows of that column as (item 1, item 2). Now this is correctly ordered, but I want it to stay in that state and only return to previous state on clicking filter button again.

Also, I’d like all of the associated columns with, say, item 1 to change on click so that the other associated metrics aren’t mixed in with other columns.

Not sure if that makes any sense but very appreciative of any help I could get! Think I have it thought out pretty well just struggling to implement as I have limited experience with state in bubble.

The conditional is also outputting correctly, i believe.

It’s RepeatingGroup Company’s List of Companies companyName sorted (by desc)

So it’s outputting (Smith Inc., Zillow, Inc.) in one row which is correct, technically.

I would like for it to output it more like: (on clicking ‘company’ filter)


Smith, Inc. (Smith Inc. Location) (Smith Inc. profits)

Zillow, Inc. (Zillow Inc. Location) (Zillow Inc. profits)

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