Getting different result when calling API connector via workflow vs Postman

Hi All,

I’m hoping I’m doing something stupid.

Set up Discord API call endpoint ( in the API connector, initialized and working as intended. However, when I use it in a workflow it is returning an incorrect response (I get the correct response when tested in Postman).

I’m presuming this is an issue with Discord rather than Bubble but open to any suggestions…

Workflow set up:

Logs showing the data being passed to the the API connector and response:

Postman showing the same call (URL and Authorization) but returning a different user_id:

Are you using the same Bearer token?

I am using the same Bearer

What does your Discord API call look like?

Got to the solution.

I was specifying it as a number in the API connector, then formatting as text when saving. It looks like Bubble may have been inaccurate about saving the correct number (?).

Updated the API connector to specify the response as text, instead of number and it solved the problem.