Getting IPWAN of Bubble app's server

Hi, how can I get the public IP address of the sever that hosts my Bubble app? I need this information to make an exception in the firewall of a distant SQL db to allow the app on port 1433.


It does not tell me how to get the address I’m using…

SOME UPDATES: When I go into settings under the “Domain / email” tab, I can enter a domain (anything) and then I get an IP where to point my domain. Is this address the one of the server??

On a separate server I created a MySQL database. In the cPanel of that server I can allow remote connections to the database by specifying the IP or domain. The IP a got from the “Domain / email” tab doesn’t work. In the plugin I get an error saying the access was denied for the domain:

If I allow remote connection on then my bubble app can access the MySQL on the other server. Also, in the browser, this domain leads to the home page of Does this means I granted access to all existing Bubble apps?

Hi! @julienallard1 did you ever get an answer about this? If so, how do you get it? When I type the IP given for the DNS config all I get is “you’ve hit balancer”

Hey @aestela, just like I said in my last reply, when trying to connect to distant MySQL database, a message error popped showing the domain from which Bubble tried to connect. Since the domain is not static, I could not simply set an exception rule in the distant firewall to allow that specific domain.

What I noticed, is that the dynamic part of the domain is where the numbers are (see in bold):

So in the exception rule, I inserted a wildcard character (%) instead of the numbers. Seems to work perfectly now. Since the wildcard tolerate any numbers, I would have security concerns if my app had sensitive or confidential data. But I can’t say how much it is a security risk though…