Getting mail to work

I am trying to get email working in the app… I am using the sendgrid within the app to do this and a icon click to send the email… Here are screenshots…


When I click the icon to start workflow, it acts like it does something; however, in the sendgrid dashboard you can see that I tried multiple times… 3 of the 4 seemed to get categorized as blocked… The 4th one was when I was doing something weird but it was marked bounced… The setup I show above is creating the block status… What am I doing wrong?

Oh and fyi… the email address I am sending this to is my own so I know it should work…

Well apparently everytime I send to the email address at, they are blocking it… SendGrid says that I should ask to unblock it… I changed the email address to a gmail address and the email came through… But that does make me worry as to how many user’s isps are going to block the emails from sendgrid?

Sendgrid is great generally so I’d guess it’s something else. The subject of the email looks a bit sketch (yellow flag). Your domain probably doesn’t have a track record with emails yet so that’s a red flag for isps. Do you have DKIM or SPF set up for your emails? …you’ll need one or both of those so that isps know the email came from your domain and not someone spoofing the email. Not having these is a huge red flag.

Just some thoughts. Once you get those squared away then you can try different things but many entrepreneurs and engineers I know use Sendgrid and say good things about it. Seems like a safe bet.

How do you set these up?

I’d do a google search for instructions - they’ll be better than I can explain, for sure.

The overly simple answer is you need to set-up your domain / DNS to include one or both of them (likely using the site you used to purchase your domain) and then you need to set your email to be sent and to include it (with Sendgrid since that’s what you’re using to physically send emails).

Hi @bkhoward2001 @sridharan.s - saw this post and got me curious since I use Sendgrid. I went to check my setup in Sendgrid and looks like I have DKIM/SPF setup (though I don’t recall doing so - but it was many months ago when I linked a domain to my Sendgrid account) .

@bkhoward2001 - here’s Sendgrid’s video to set it up, if you need - check your “Sender Authentication” setup in Sendgrid first.

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